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Hohai University

Listed in the national Project 211*, Hohai University (East China Technical University of Water Resources) is a prominent university with an established national reputation. It provides comprehensive programs to student focusing on water resources and utilization.

* Project 211 is a national program approved by the Chinese government that was started in 1995. The government substantially and intensively invests in about 100 prestigious universities selected from 1,794 higher learning institutions nationwide to improve their overall capacity.

A campus scenery  Hohai University
A campus scenery   Hohai University
 History and Heritage
Hohai University (East China Technical University of Water Resources, 河海大学 ) was established in 1915 and is now one of the most prestigious universities in China, directed by the State Ministry of Education.

While taking water resources as its focus, the university consists of more than a dozen of colleges and research institutions, specializing in areas such as engineering, environmental sciences, electronics, information technology, economics and business administration.

The university was once ranked very high on The Best Asia Universities List by asiaweek.com. In the Chinese University Ranking 2003-2005, compiled by netbig.com, the high learning institution was ranked at 69.

Hohai University has expanded its international programs for exchange and cooperation with more than 50 universities worldwide and 10 international organizations.

As the only prestigious university in the water resources industry in China, Hohai University passed the 211 Project Ministry Pre-inspection in January, 1996. With the full-scale starting of the Project, Hohai University will take various measures to meet the future needs of the new century.

 The first private university in Jiangsu
Sanjiang University (SJU)
Sanjiang University is the first private institution of higher education registered in Jiangsu Province and is located in Nanjing City. The university consists of 18 academic departments including English, Japanese, Business Management, Law, Tourism, Computer Science & Technology, Civil Engineering, and Architecture. SJU has currently about 7000 students. Contact inforomation: 460 Anhuai Village, Nanjing, Jiangsu, 210037. Tel: 25-8560 0409, Fax: 25-8561 5253, Web: www.sju.js.cn

 A Private College for Design
Guihu College
This is a newly established higher learning institution funded by private sectors, and is famous for its design programs. " We design our courses according to the demands of the job market so our students can easily find jobs after their graduation." said Xu Shiliang, the President of Guihu College. Contact information: 1 Chao'an District, Kunshan, Jiangsu, 215332.

 A Prospective Higher Institution
Zhengde Vocational & Technical College
This college is a nongovernmental higher learning institution and has set its campus in a most prestigious development zone in Nanjing. In the recent years the college has been becoming well-known private institute for many students and their parents.


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